Are You A Good LASIK Candidate?

By now, you’ve likely heard about LASIK and the wonders this procedure has done for many of your friends and family. It’s a surgical correction for your glasses prescription and it can keep you free of corrective lenses for many years to come. As an elective surgery, it’s imperative that you go through a comprehensive screening process to ensure the most successful results. We’ve highlighted below just some of the things we will discuss with you before your surgical consultation.  

Is My Prescription Too Strong?

This is one of the most common factors for why someone may not be a LASIK candidate. The stronger your prescription, the more surgical correction needs to be done to your cornea. If your prescription falls outside the range of what is recommended for LASIK, you may still be a candidate for other corrective procedures, such as PRK or ICL (implantable collamer lens). We’ll lay out the different options available for you. 

Conditions That May Exclude You

If you have any eye or health conditions, we will go through the associated risks should you pursue LASIK. Certain eye conditions, such as dry eye, may be worsened after LASIK. Medical conditions, such as diabetes or autoimmune conditions, may delay the healing process and put you at risk for infections. It’s important that you share the full picture of your health before you proceed with any surgery.

Have Reasonable, not Great Expectations

LASIK boasts the highest patient satisfaction success rate at 96%, with 99% achieving 20/40 vision or better and 90% achieving 20/20 or better. Most people will be happy having this level of vision without lenses, but if you know you need guaranteed crispy vision, refractive surgery could leave you disappointed. Just as important to keep in mind, there is always potential for conditions like dry eye, or undesirable visual disturbances such as halos, and importantly, loss of vision. If you are at risk for any of these outcomes, you can rest assured that the top-notch surgeons we know will screen you out of the procedure. 

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