The Perfect Halloween Accessory: Costume Contact Lenses

Instantly elevate your costume from homemade to professional with the help of costume or colored contact lenses. 

Costume contact lenses come in endless colors and designs, so what's the best way to select the perfect ones? With the help and guidance of your neighborhood optometrist, of course!

While choosing the right style is crucial to completing your look, there are a few parameters that your eye doctor needs to assess to make sure your eyes won't be at risk for a nasty infection. Lens size, curvature, material and power are important measures in getting you a healthy fit. If you haven't worn contact lenses before, insertion and removal training, as well as education on proper contact lens hygiene, are also necessary steps to prevent corneal abrasions and infectious disease.

Once you and your optometrist choose the best contact lens for you, you're ready to order your contact lenses.

Be sure to discuss with your optometrist any colored contacts you're interested in ordering online. We consider your eyes and vision precious, so we strongly advise our patients against using any contact lenses of unknown materials and origin. 

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