Your Prescription Eyewear – A Piece of Art

Have you ever thought about what would happen if you made the wrong decision? We all do! When it comes to your eye exam, it can be hard to choose between options one and two. You might feel like you’re going crazy with all the choices, because it can all start to look the same. Believe it or not, sometimes the two choices are supposed to look the same! Sorry, not sorry, that is just how the human vision works. Unlike those virtual eye “exams,” we can read hesitation in your responses and we’ll double-check if things aren’t adding up.

How do we come up with a prescription for your eyeglasses that seem perfectly clear and visually comfortable after all that craziness? We take a lot of data into account. We look at your previous prescription for eyeglasses and the state of your current eyeglasses. If your old eyeglasses are bent out of shape or have been worn improperly, that could mean you have adapted to a prescription that is different than what was intentionally prescribed to you. We set a dedicated amount of time for you to tell us about eyewear you love, eyewear that just didn’t work for you, and your visual requirements. Don’t forget to talk about your visual needs for work, home, and hobbies. We take note of it all.

Additional measurements of your corneal curvature or the shape of your eyes are used to determine influential factors in your eyeglass prescription, such as astigmatism. If that wasn’t enough, we screen your eyes for conditions that may lead to inconsistencies in your responses. It means that those responses were unreliable and we give those responses lower weight in your final prescription. Dry eyes and cataracts are some of the common conditions that can cause your responses to be inconsistent. Another example of an eye condition that can affect your prescription is in the case of diabetic eye disease. Changes in your blood glucose levels can lead to a change to your prescription, but they may be short-lived. Knowing the overall health status of your eyes will always help us with determining the best prescription for you.

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