COVID-19 Safety

We are committed to your health and safety.

Please take note of the health and safety measures put in place to help ensure a safe and comfortable experience in our store. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Minimized Crowds and Social Distancing

Anyone accompanying you for your eye exam may be asked to wait outside, unless they are a caregiver or guardian. We will ask anyone inside our space to maintain appropriate physical distancing. You know the drill by this point.

Masks Recommended

While we are not currently requiring patients and visitors to wear masks inside the office, our staff will continue to mask up to minimize possible spread of infection.

Hand Washing, Sanitizing Stations, and Gloves

Hand washing stations and hand sanitizer are available for your use. We wash and sanitize our hands before and after every patient interaction. If we are helping you with your eyewear or eyewear selection, we will be sure to minimize indirect contact and use gloves when appropriate.

Equipment Face Shields

Face shields are installed on equipment where closer proximity is required for your eye exam.

Eyewear Try-On Sanitizations

Every piece of eyewear tried on is cleaned and disinfected. Don’t worry, you won’t be limited to what you want to try on.

Contact Lens Case and Solution

Contact lens cases and solutions will be provided to you new and unopened. No sharing in this case. Keep it, it’s on us!

Clean Space

All our equipment is sterilized between patients. High contact surfaces are cleaned frequently, including chairs, table tops, credit card terminals, and door handles.