Nightfall Sunglasses

Nightfall Sunglasses

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Res/Rei Nightfall is a bold, square pair of sunglasses from the Sculptures Collection. Suitable for medium width faces.

The inspiration for this collection comes directly... from space! The design of the models in the Galaxies collection draws on the great fascination man has always had for deep space. Like space-time, which according to the theory of general relativity is more or less warped by the presence of a mass, the thickness of the acetate around the lenses varies, creating eye-catching light effects.

Res/Rei has been manufacturing hand-assembled eyewear since 2011. A distinctive design coupled with an excellent handmade production have helped to make Res/Rei a brand recognized for quality and innovation. Res/Rei focus on blending crafts and design. We make frames that are carefully crafted to last years and to age beautifully. Res/Rei aims to give credit to the Italian craftsmanship. For this reason Res/Rei is completely made in Italy, from the first idea to the final product.  


Mazzuchelli acetate